Hear a speaker from Cuba

Yexenia Calzado

 End the U.S. embargo 

Return Guantánamo 

No interference in Cuba’s internal affairs

In December 2014 Cuba and the United States resumed diplomatic relations and the Cuban Five were freed from U.S. jails. This reflected the continuing strength of the Cuban revolution.
The U.S. still wants to destroy the Cuban revolution, as it has for more than 56 years, but is now using different methods. U.S. President Obama’s statements during his recent visit to Cuba were an indication of this.
Yexenia Calzado is in charge of solidarity work with South Asia and the Pacific for the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).
She is currently speaking in Australia, including on Cuba’s contribution to an Aboriginal adult literacy campaign.

Public meeting and discussion
7pm Wednesday  
April 27th
Trades Hall

147 Great North Rd
Grey Lynn

For more information
email: Cuba Friendship Society cubafriends.ak@gmail.com 
phone: Malcolm, 021 151 7887 or Fiona, 09 620 9872
Donations gratefully accepted to: The New Zealand Cuba Society 02-0159-0200303-00

This meeting is preceded by an “Information session on the next Southern Cross Brigade to Cuba” at 6pm

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Welcome Mr President and yes

lets talk Human Rights

The welcome reduction of tensions between Cuba and its North American neighbour reached a new pinnacle yesterday as President and Mrs Obama emerged from Air Force One at Havana’s José Martí Airport.

Equally welcome is the confirmation that high on the President’s agenda is the question of human rights, particularly if this indicates an active commitment, on the part of the U.S.A., to address its behaviour in the Caribbean.

First among the issues the US must address, is the illegal blockade. The United Nations has repeatedly demand the US to meet its obligations under the UN  Charter and international law to lift the criminal blockade and reaffirmed its commitment the freedom of trade and navigation.

Two other issues must also be addressed and corrected if the U.S. is to be taken seriously- ; the torture camp at Guantánamo must be shut and the U.S. Forces, occupying of Guantánamo Bay must be withdrawn and the land returned to Cuba.

Rhetorical grandstanding is fine Mr President but what counts are the facts on the ground. 

Lift the criminal blockade
Close your torture camp 
Return occupied Guantánamo

Cuban Ambassador to open

Cuban art exhibition in Dunedin

Antonio Guerrero’s “The Air Vent”
The Dunedin Cuba Friendship Society is proud to host the exhibition “I will die the way I have lived –15 watercolours by Antonio Guerrero”.

The exhibition is highlighting the illegal U.S. blockade of Cuba which has cost the country over $831 billion since its introduction, over 54 years ago.

The exhibition will be opened at 6pm on Tuesday 22 March by New Zealand's Ambassador for Cuba, His Excellency Mario Alzugaray

The exhibition is held at the Anderson Lloyd gallery of  the Otago Art Society, on the first floor of the historic Dunedin Railway Station, from 21 March to 3 April, 10 am to 4 pm daily (the Gallery is closed on Good Friday, 25 April.)

The opening will feature poetry by Victor Billot and music by John Guy Howell.

 The illegal U.S. blockade has cost Cuba $831 billion
Antonio Guerrero is one of the Cuban Five who learned to paint while imprisoned in the United States. These striking images depict the cruel treatment the Five received while held in isolation awaiting trial in Miami.

Recent changes in Cuba will be highlighted at a free public lecture hosted by the Humanities Department from 4 pm to 5 pm on Tuesday 22 March in the Burns 2 Lecture Theatre at the University of Otago.

The Ambassador for Cuba Mario Alzugaray
Rodriguez will speak on “Cuba's co-operative revolution: worker co-operatives and the future of the socialist agenda”, and there will be an opportunity afterwards for questions from the public. All are welcome.

The Ambassador will meet with members and supporters of the Dunedin Cuba Friendship Society for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Dunedin branch of the Alliance Party, New Zealand's democratic socialist party.

Even as Cuban relations warm

Obama renews state of emergency against Cuba

Obama's move; 'stab in the back'
WASHINGTON — President Obama renewed a 20-year-old state of national emergency to enforce the blockade against Cuba Wednesday, even as he plans a trip to the island nation next month to continue talks on normalising relations between the two countries.

Obama's Proclamation 9398 continues the blockade first instituted by President Clinton in 1996 under emergency powers granted to the president by Congress, and prohibits U.S.-registered vessels and aircraft from entering Cuban waters or airspace without authorisation. Under the National Emergencies Act, those emergency powers expire unless the president renews them each year.

There is one substantive change to the Obama blockade policy: Obama authorises the Coast Guard to inspect and seize vessels suspected of violating the blockade, but only "to the extent consistent with international law.” The White House did not immediately explain why the president added that condition.

But in renewing the blockade, Obama also softened the language used to justify the emergency. He removed the more bellicose language used by Presidents Clinton and Bush that Cuba "has demonstrated a ready and reckless willingness to use excessive force, including deadly force," against the United States, and instead expressed a desire for "a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Cuba."

The Cuba embargo is one of 30 separate national emergencies now in effect. Despite a 1976 law requiring Congress to review those emergencies every six months, legislators have never formally done so.

TeleSUR referred to Obama's move as a "stab in the back" to Cuba.

The Cubans have estimated that the US blockade has cost the country over $831 billion since its introduction, over 54 years ago.

Reporting from both USA Today and TeleSur

Mandela on Cuba

In 1991, Nelson Mandela traveled to Cuba to thank Fidel Castro and the Cuban people for supporting the fight against apartheid and colonialism in southern Africa.

Get the whole story here

Close Guantánamo

and it's not enough for the United States to simply close the prison.

The US government must shut down the base, end the  occupation and withdraw its military from Cuba today!

CSC UK has produced a new leaflet to raise awareness and support the campaign to return the illegally occupied Guantánamo Bay area to Cuba.

Since 2002 Guantánamo has become known for the illegal detentions and human rights abuses carried out at the US prison camp in eastern Cuba.

Far less publicised is the fact that a US naval base has operated on occupied Cuban territory for more than 110 years – most of them without Cuban consent and against international law.

It is not enough for the United States to simply close the prison. The US government must shut down the base, end the occupation and withdraw its military from Cuba today!